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Eastside in WA
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We offer private piano lessons directly through SSMA taught by the Co-Founders, Elena Tselnik and Anna Prykhodko. To get started, you can schedule a Meet & Greet below.

If you’re interested in taking lessons for other instruments, we have a network of instructors that we work closely with that we could recommend. These instructors and their studios participate in our annual productions.


While we have offered this service prior to COVID-19, we now do most of our instruction via online lessons until further notice. Our respective studios have professional equipment and appropriate technology to ensure high quality of lessons.

You can schedule your first online lesson by first signing up for a Meet & Greet below. We also offer online lessons for out-of-state students.


Even though the heart of our instruction is with students in K-12, we do offer and specialize in lessons for adult students as we understand how stress-relieving and fun learning an instrument can be.

Tell us your learning goals and we will help you accomplish them.


Throughout the year, we offer master classes to students from outside studios. Our favorite subjects are improvisation, composition, theory, Chopin, Beethoven, and contemporary music. 

The master class is 60 minutes long and it is tailored to the student's individual needs.

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